Coming up with Invention Ideas – Even If You’re Not a Genius

While a genius may master any profession or hobby, it takes a persistent and obsessed individual to take an invention idea and make it mainstream. Many great inventors throughout history have been diligent about jotting down their ideas before they get lost in their busy schedules. InventHelp Idea In some cases, life-changing inventions had come about from last minute thoughts that would have never reached the public otherwise.

Creating an invention isn’t something that necessarily takes high IQ, but it takes more endurance going through the legal and financial steps. Not only do you have to worry about filing patents or trademarks, you also need to come up with a business model and funding, which is where most inventions fail.

Thinking About Practicality
An idea for new product design or a method of doing something may pop into your head from time to time, even if it doesn’t exactly seem feasible. An invention should be able to make something more efficient or convenient and have a real impact on society.